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Watching Ova Me

Touch Records Inc. PLG-08-08-2014-2 August 22, 2014

Watching Ova Me

Another great collaboration track from the stables of Jade Titmarsh and Dick Groves. A laid-back rhythm and unusual percussion with a deep bass accompaniment gives this a smooth and sometimes haunting original sound. Coupled with Jade’s unique vocal tones this is sure to cut through the ‘norm’. Dick said ‘I’m really pleased with the way this song has come together. It’s always a challenge to try and come up with an original sound but hopefully the production of this one has gone toward achieving just that. I’ve put some interesting string sections in there which counter-balance Jade’s melody lines. Well that’s MY take on it, anyway!’

In interview, Jade said ‘The message behind the song is to never give up, no matter what happens in life, there’s always someone out there looking after you. When things go wrong in life, be strong and pick yourself back up. For me, the inspiration of writing the song is thinking about things that people go through in their lives & people that they have lost. I thought about it personally and things I have gone through in my own life, family and friends I have lost. Everyone goes through something in their lives, no matter how big or small. But this isn’t suppose to be a sad song, I want the message of the song to be uplifting, that anyone can get through anything, life goes on. The ‘someone’s watching over you’ for me can be seen as a religious point too, as God looks out for us.’

Scott Oliver says: “I feel it’s an easy listening track with a strong positive message. I like the combination of Dick and Jade working together, they seem to have paired up on a few songs that have great quality, and all happen to be in a wide range of subject area.”

Music and production. Dick Groves

Lyrics and vocals. Jade Titmarsh



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