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I Promise

PLG Music Group UK PLG-08-13-2014 August 19, 2014

Once again we are getting the chance to enjoy the sounds of Dick Groves, this time in collaboration with the sweet vocals of Alice Kenny.  This release is an outstanding 4 song EP with 2 versions of each track,  that has smooth subtle rhythms and with lyrics that truly motivate.

Each track carries it’s own weight and reminds the listener of days gone past.  “I Promise”, is a sad, poignant and emotional, classic piano based ballad, that looks back at times spent with your lover and promising never to forget those happy days. The acoustic version strips back to a simple but effective genre.

Chemistry”, has two versions, the original version has a happy retro pop feel reminiscent of “Rumer”.  The song tells of the attraction between two people and the one in a million chance of them even meeting at all.  Not knowing if their two separate live could become one.  The follow up version has more of an up beat electro feel, both featuring the voice of Alice Kenny.

Love Me True”, Melodic and commercial acoustic pop is the genre in the original version.  The song tells the story of the innocence of young love and the happiness and insecurity that it brings.  The follow up version moves away from the acoustic feel and introduces electric guitars and strings to the mix.

Look At Me Shine”, The original version has a retro pop feel with brass based highlights and a uplifting feel.  The song tells the story of the confidence of youth and finding yourself, and being proud of it.  While yet staying excited by the future and finding you way in the world.  The follow up brings the song more up to date with a guitar based contemporary feel.

Music and production – Dick Groves.

Lyrics and vocals – Alice Kenny.



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