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I Give Up

Touch Records PLG-2-3-2015 February 3, 2015

Music/lyrics/production – Dick Groves
Vocals – Jade Titmarsh
Backing vocals – Alice Kenny

This track started as an instrumental on Dicks EP ‘Time To Chill’, but he always had the idea that it could turn into a full song. At the time of release on ‘Time To Chill’, he had already written the lyrics but was still experimenting with layouts etc.

Later, while Alice Kenny was in the studio, he asked her to record some ideas on the track and these were further developed until Jade gave her own twist to the vocal. The song tells of giving up resisting a new man in her life.

The song itself has a classic chillout feel about it, but when combined with the rhythmic vocals in the choruses it transforms into something far more complex. It has, at times, quite a sinister feel but when the chorus comes into full flow it suddenly becomes upbeat.



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