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Dreaming Of A Brand New Day

Touch Records PLG-02-04-2015-1 May 2, 2015

This new PLG Music Group UK series called “The Oaks Studios Releases”, is the imprint of our UK music creations from the mind of Dick Groves.  This second set of tracks in the series is featuring Dick Groves production and the lyrics and vocals of Naomi Thompson, a PLG Music Group artist.

Caught My Eye

Music/production  – Dick Groves

Lyrics/vocals         –  Naomi Thompson

This rhythmic track starts low key with a tongue-in-cheek lyric from Naomi. It sets the scene in a nightclub as she is approached by her dream man. The musical element of the song soon progresses into a unique combination of smooth electric piano combined with a growling bass synth. Just when you think you have heard it all, there’s even a funk guitar and a brass section when you get to the bridge. The lyrics tell the story of the dilemma that the girl has when she is asked out by this handsome stranger.


Dreaming Of A Brand New Day

Music/lyrics/production       –  Dick Groves

Vocals                                       –  Naomi Thompson

This track was written by Dick, some time ago, but as soon as he heard those smooth vocal tones of Naomi, he instantly knew that she was the perfect singer for the track. The emotion that Naomi puts into the lyrics, elevate this ballad into a league of its own. The song tells the sad story of trying to get over losing the love of your life. Though it’s hard to believe that you will never see them again, you are longing to get to the stage in life when you can live without the constant reminders and the pain of losing them. But you just can’t seem to let go.



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