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Deep Into You

Touch Records Inc. PLG-4-14-2013-1 April 14, 2013

“Deep Into You” The CD, The Second Official Release From Dick Groves

Dick Groves dances in his own personal sunshine on this one, his sophomore CD, with a special dedication of new tunes, made for the featuring artist Sid Spooner.  Dick’s ability to craft his way through tracks and bring dynamic change within them is interesting and the sign of a true craftsman on top of his game.

But what is even more interesting is Sid’s way of delivering exactly what he wants, and yet she doesn’t miss a beat.  The CD is mostly songs of love and truth, or stories of loss and desire, but all the while your captivated by the groove.  In all, this is just the beginning of many tunes to come from Mr. Dick Groves.

Take another journey with Dick Groves & Sidonie Spooner’s “Deep Into You”.

Dick Groves Deep Into You CD One Sheet.pdf

Music and production – Dick Groves

Vocals – Sidonie Spooner



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