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A Chance In Hell

Touch Records PLG-2-21-2015 February 21, 2015

“A Chance in Hell” is the single song release from Dick Groves and Simon Tricker, from the catalog of PLG Music Group UK, in London.  This two song release is one of first expected from a series created in the Oaks Studios scheduled for 2015.

The song was the idea of Dick Groves, but this time he used a number of the vocalists to assist along the way from the PLG roster. Although created in 2014, the official release of the song is in 2015, the song was held back for creation of the remix single.  The song tells of the game of love, in the mind of a man when he thinks the woman he has fallen for is so beautiful, he doesn’t have a chance in hell to be with her.

Original version-               Easy Pop/R&B feel

Big Band version-             Swing with lots of brass!

Written and produced by Dick Groves at The Oaks Studio, PLG (UK).

Lead vocals by Simon Tricker

Backing Vocals by Simon Tricker, Jade Titmarsh, and James D.



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