Ethel Nwobo visits The Oaks Studio

I was recently delighted to welcome Ethel to the studio, where we had a window of just 24 hours to get as much work done as possible. Ethel lives in Ireland so I was humbled by her dedication to come this far to record. We really did achieve. The February sun shined so brightly for her entire stay and we were fortunate enough to also capture photos and video shoots during that time. Lots of material to produce, so be sure to look out for the forth-coming releases featuring this talented artist.

Streamlining company policy

Sounds serious, but as a natural progression within Touch Music Group, we have decided to withdraw our tracks from Soundcloud music player.  If you wish to listen to featured tracks, just simply click on the Bandcamp player, which the Company now uses exclusively. You will be able to listen and/or buy the track on that page, as normal. Also Spotify has now been added for streaming. Links to iTunes etc will be added where applicable. Archive tracks remain unaltered within the website.

New Spotify Playlist

I’m on a roll now! You will see on the home page, I have just constructed a new spotify playlist, featuring some of my favourite work, including some tremendous collaborations with other artists. Of course all tracks are available to download on iTunes as well. Hope you enjoy my selections.

New project with Chloe Clementine

Just started working on my latest project with the great new talent signed to Touch Records Inc, Chloe Clementine. During the summer months Chloe visited the studio on a number of occasions and we laid down the vocals for 6 of her songs. So it’s now time for me to get my creative juices flowing and to produce them into full tracks in the direction of her wishes. Not forgetting that they must be ‘hot’ to keep the label happy!