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Dick Groves

Dick Groves

English / UK


Having been a drummer in a successful band, Dick decided to venture into songwriting and music production back in 2005.  Since those early days, Dick has completed courses in sound-engineering and music production and has proved himself as a multi award winning songwriter and worked exclusively for Touch Music Group in Chicago for over 8 years acting as their UK CEO.  His ‘writing’ studio has now developed into The Oaks Studio where recording and the production process is performed and was considered to be the UK hub for TMG.  Originally working solo, Dick has now completed a number of collaboration projects with many artists and producers, which he says has helped to broaden the creative results. ‘Working remotely with artists in their own studios around the world has become a feature of my work, and adds a great addition to the possibilities available.’

Dick’s first album was an anthology of his earlier work and was selected by TMG as it contained 11 tracks written by Dick featuring 8 different singers that had recorded at The Oaks.  The album entitled ‘The Journey’ was released at the end of 2012 and was quickly followed up with his next album ‘Deep Into You’ featuring the vocals of Sidonie Spooner.  Since then, Dick continued to be a prolific writer/producer within TMG and compiled an impressive collection of music. He has recently achieved releases with Naomi Thompson, Jade Titmarsh, Cait Pilkington, Chloe Clementine and Bob Lucido.  His music covers a huge range of genres including jazz, pop rock, adult contemporary, Top 40 and house. He has also produced a large number of tracks specifically for licencing purposes, which remain on the back burner.

Dick’s time with TMG came to an end in March of 2020 and he is currently working on a number of new projects and stockpiling a library of new ideas ready for brand new artists. This new chapter in his career will not divert him away from his goal of becoming a renowned songwriter/producer and it will give him the freedom to work independently. He said, ‘I love the challenge and excitement of working with new artists and enjoy the creation process of optimising my produced music to best promote their individual vocal skills. I am always pushing to develop contemporary and original styles when the right vocalists come along.’

‘I would like to think that my main talents are determination, imagination, creativity, honesty and constantly trying to improve my craft.’




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Phone 708-248-6839


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